Basics of Non Sexual Intimacy

non sexual intimacyIntimacy is a close, personal relationship with another person that is characterized by feelings of love and affection. Aside from this, intimacy is also closely associated with lust and amorous intents.

Because of the nature of intimacy, and the people’s popular perception that intimacy can only be achieved through on a physical level, the meaning of intimacy has become tainted with the idea of sex. Intimacy now connotes sex and lust and other words to that effect.

Amidst all these, the thought of a non-sexual intimacy became prevalent. Prevalent, yes, but it cannot be considered a trend or a phenomenon because most couples are privy to a non-sexual intimate relationship, either because they enjoy their sexual relationships too much, or they simply don’t know how to go about achieving a non-sexual intimate relationship with their partners.

If your dilemma lies on the latter, here are a few tips you can keep in mind:

Be Open

Communicate openly with your partner. Share dreams and plan the future together. Sometimes, just the mere thought of having a future together is intimate enough, to the point that it actually outweighs the climax of an orgasm.


Share ideas and expectations. Sharing is an important facet of intimacy.

Take Turns

Adapt a mindset where neither you nor your partner would initiate looking out for each other’s interests. This is more like a "give and take" set-up.

This is one way for you and your partner to feel more to each other because both of you are looking out not only after your interests, but also for the welfare of you yourselves as persons.

Set Priorities

Let your partner know that he or she is part of your priorities. This is a surefire way for your partner to feel that he or she is greatly appreciated and loved.

Be Physical

Hug and kiss and hold hands in public. This is an assertion that you are proud to be with your partner; it is also a great way to have physical contact without resorting to sexual intimacy.


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