Finding a Good Sex Shop

sex shopThe fact that there are still sex shops that offer poor customer service is truly undeniable even to this day. While they continue to prey on our fears and ignorance, they still offer their products in expensive prices.

However, to our comfort, there still exists some great sex shops out there and available both online or offline. The only question you have to bear in mind is this: how trustworthy is that sex shop? Below are tips that will not only save your time and money but your efforts as well.

Consider word of mouth

What better way of finding a sex shop when you can hear someone make good recommendations about it, especially if they have a first hand shopping in it. Treating them like some other business establishment will make them act like one.

Always shop in person if possible

This will reduce any likelihood of having a product being in the wrong smell, color, etc. On buying products online, be very wary when it comes to evaluating the shop.

Try testing their customer service

Before you make a purchase, try asking questions about the products and the policies of the store. Do this whether you are shopping in person or doing it online. If online, email them. The faster they reply, the better it is. If you are going shop personally, either call or ask them about which concerns you with their products or their store.

Asking about their products and comparing prices

This will either make them give you a recommendation or that they will give you their most expensive product. Good sex shops will make several suggestions, even about the different prices of products they have to offer.

Asking about their policy

Return polices and privacy policies define a good sex shop from a bad one. Satisfaction is the main aim of a good sex shop. Whatever is the warranty of a product or the store’s policy regarding all of this, it should satisfy the customer one way or another.

Here are also a few tips where you can find the best sex shop there is.

  • Do not go for sex shops that have no return or privacy policy.
  • Do not consider emails from online sites that have automatic responses. A much faster and human response is better. In addition, go for a sex shop that has a toll free number.
  • Do not be gullible about the claims that sex shops make. Good sex shops will help you make your decision on the things you wish to buy.
  • Do not go to sex shops that offer high prices. Unless they are of high quality, sex shops should offer you the same amount of quality that your purchases will offer you.

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