Having Cyber Sex With Someone

cyber sexMen’s preoccupation with sexual activities is a known fact. Some women brush this off, seeing this as an innate facet of mens’ personalities. However, other women tend to take these things more seriously.

Sexual activity in the form of cyber sex or online sex is gaining popularity among men. Online sex entails the act of surfing porn sites, going to chat rooms and having sex with other women online.


Some men see online sex as a harmless way to unleash their sexual energies, as well as to act out the sexual fantasies that they have, particularly those that they cannot do with their wives or their sex partners.

When women confront men about this issue, men rarely understand why women are upset, as this activity doesn’t involve physical contact. In other words, there was no infidelity involved.

Compromise and understanding 

As the number of men who resort to online sex increase, so does the women’s need to partake in this issue arise. Women think that being with their lovers for a long time means that they know that person inside and out. This is not the case. According to experts, the topic of online sex is something that a couple should reach a compromise with, just so a level of understanding will be established regarding this concern.

What to do?

Discussing about online sex and how both of you think and feel about it is a good initial step in trying to solve this issue, if indeed online sex is an issue in your relationship. Asking your partner about his sexual desires and how you can fulfill them is also a good option so that the male partner will not have to resort to cyber sex for sexual satisfaction.

On the other hand, evaluating yourself will also do you some good. Ask yourself whether you’ve been exerting effort in satisfying your partner in bed. Talk to him about it and try to see where both of you stand.

Talk about it 

Talk to your partner about sexual fulfillment, and of what this kind of fulfillment means to both of you. Try to work out your differences and from there, reach a compromise.

Men and women have gender differences. These differences might make the task of working out a compromise about cyber sex a not-so-easy task. But with a good talk and a clear head, no issue in a relationship will be impossible to solve.


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