Health Risks of Oral Sex

oral sexAlthough oral sex is considered "a safer kind of sex", it is undeniable that there are some diseases that can be transmitted through fellatio and cunnilingus. However, researchers do not know exactly whether STDs can be transmitted exclusively through oral means, but just to make sure, here are some health risks you can get through oral sex.


Although oral sex is not considered a common cause of Chlamydia, it can be a possibility especially if the vagina, cervix, anus, penis, or mouth comes in contact with infected bodily fluids.


This infection can be passed through oral sex, whether you are giving or receiving it. Ejaculation does not even have to occur for gonorrhea to be acquired or transmitted. The bacteria that cause gonorrhea can survive well in the throat, which is why gonorrhea infections from oral sex are relatively common.


Since herpes can be transmitted even by skin to skin contact, it is highly possible that the infection can also be transmitted through oral sex. Remember that a person can be infected with herpes even if the carrier does not have any visible sores, while some people may be infected with herpes and not know it.


The risk of getting HIV through oral sex is relatively low, but there are documented cases wherein HIV is transmitted to the throat by semen, vaginal secretions or blood.


HPV is less commonly transmitted through oral sex, but there have been documented cases of patients getting infected through it. The virus is shed from the surface of warts and any form of direct physical contact.


Non-gonococcal urethritis can be passed through oral sex, even if the penis or tongue does not go deeper into the vagina, mouth, or rectum.


More than 13% of syphilis cases were attributed to oral sex. Transmission usually happens during vaginal, anal, or oral sex when visible sores or patches come in contact with a slightly abraded skin or mucous membrane.

Yeast infections

Women who have recurrent yeast infections may have been infected by receiving oral sex. Oral sex with someone who has a yeast infection can cause thrush, or a yeast infection of the throat. However, oral contact with yeast will not give an infection in your vagina, as the yeast is killed in the digestive system.


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