How Body Image Affects Sexuality

body image and sexBody image does not only involve how a person’s fitness level, rather on how they look upon themselves.  It is also based on how important physical appearance is to the person, as well as how they see their real bodies when they look in the mirror. 

For most part, body image is an effect of the ideals of beauty that are specific to a time and place.  For instance, the definition of beauty in Victorian-age European is very different from that of Eastern Africa at the same era.  Some societies seem women with big chest as attractive, while others judge a woman’s beauty based on how flat her chest is.

Meanwhile, sexuality involves physical attraction, so it is not a surprise how people gauge a person’s sexuality just by looking at their bodies.  And with the stereotypical fit and thin bodies being thrown in the media, it is good to know how these body images affect one’s sexuality.

For men, it all boils down to positivism

If you grow up looking at your body on a positive light, you would be more comfortable with it no matter your fitness level. 

This sense of comfort reflects on your sexual performance, and therefore you end up having better sex.  Such positive thoughts about one’s body can also increase the likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behaviors among men. 

Women can be bad in bed, even with positive body image

Meanwhile, women with more positive body image were less likely to engage in such behaviors. 

Although poor body image among women was related to their lack of sexual desire and sexual activity, sexual satisfaction can become high when they have sex (even if having a negative body image).

In order for women to achieve sexual satisfaction, they should learn to be physically and emotionally satisfied in their sexual relationship.


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