How to Enjoy Sensual Massage

sensual massage

What is the largest sense organ of the body? Answer: the skin.

Every time you make physical contact with your spouse or partner-whether it be a simple tap of the finger on his hand or a big hug from her-your actions stimulate a host of emotional and mental feelings.

No wonder Alex Comfort, the author of the landmark publication The Joy of Sex, describes the skin as a sort of erotic conduit.

One of the best ways to achieve greater intimacy between you and your spouse or partner is by finding new ways to derive physical pleasure from each other. Have you ever tried having a sensual massage?

Apart from being a relaxing and soothing exercise, a massage also reinvigorates our different bodily functions. A sensual massage, in particular, is meant to produce feelings of seduction, arousal and even orgasm by stimulating the different body zones where sensations are particularly strong, such as the chest, breast and genital areas.

There is no one particular way in giving or receiving a sensual massage. Instead, couples can do familiar massage techniques, but with an emphasis in "exploring" and "stimulating" each one’s body with more gentle but penetrating hand movements and motions.

Do you want to have a great sensual massage with your partner? Whether you are the "giver" or the "receiver", here are some great ways to make that sensual massage a wonderfully romantic-and erotic-experience:

Have a light meal, snack or drink

Enjoy something sinfully sweet such as a slice of chocolate cake or a cool concoction like a smoothie. Don’t eat too much-filling up the stomach too soon can ruin the moment by making you doze off too soon.

Take a bath… together

Whether it’s a hot tub or an overhead shower, it takes two to build up excitement and ecstasy. You can soap yourselves together or enjoy a bubble bath. But keep it gentle; aggressiveness is best for bed.

Prepare comfortable beddings

Spread out some clean sheets and use new pillowcases. Nothing can be more relaxing than lying on a mattress that is both newly-washed and fresh.

Light it up

You’ve seen it in the movies and this time, it’s for real. Light candles, especially those that are scented or used for aromatherapy and scatter them throughout the bedroom area. Be careful enough to avoid combustible materials like paper and nearby drapes–you sure don’t want the heat of your passion to be transformed into a raging fire!

Use massage oil

There are a lot of great massage oils out in the market which you would like to try such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and sunflower oil. Especially recommended are oils which have an aromatic fragrance or oils which are not greasy or irritating to the skin.

Play soft music

Heighten the mood and feeling by playing relaxing music, such as mellow jazz tunes, suggestive instrumentals, or light rhythm & blues. Keep the volume to a reasonable minimum so that it won’t distract from sensual build-up.

Avoid being naked-at first

Seduction is one step at a time, so don’t start it out by rushing too soon to reach sexual nirvana. It’s good to start with some underwear, sleeping clothes, or a bathrobe. The excitement then starts when each layer is eventually… you know what that means.


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  1. I agree, seduction is the most important thing in erotic massage. Nice tip to start with a towel or something.

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