How to Overcome Sex Addiction

sexual addictions

Sexual Addiction refers to the growing disorder with regard to sexual intimacy as seen through ones sexual acts and thoughts. Such distract does not only create problem towards the addict himself but also towards the people around him especially when such addictiveness heightens.

Being a sex addict does not mean that s/he will already have a weak will power to not to stop themselves from engaging sexual intercourse with other people especially when it is against they will. In fact, there are addicts wherein their addictiveness does not advance from constant use of pornography, masturbation and phone sex.

Yet again being an addict with sex and all the pleasure that it can give can be unhealthy not only to the person suffering from the said problem and his or her family but the whole society per se. According to the survey that was made by the Psychcentral it was stated that 71% of the child molester as in fact sex addicts and 55% of the malefactor convicted due to sex are also sex addicts.

We have to accept that flaws such as being a sex addict of someone in the society does exist and the good way for us to solve such issue is through helping these addicts to hamper themselves or rather take themselves out of the said state.

Addiction with sex can be remedied. In fact its said source which is the need for power, revenge, dominance, express of anger and or control is actually suppose to be easy to talk about to these kind of people so that after realizing that the actions they are thinking of doing is not healthy and from there they move on.

In overcoming ones sexual addiction the key solution is communication and strong will to change. It is best to let the person who is suffering from the said state of mentality the complications and consequences of his every actions. Sex addiction may lead into having sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, genital herpes and HIV. It may also give them some genital injury due to some objects one uses for penetration for sexual stimulation. There are also consequences wherein one may lose his job for sexual harassment or sexual abuse.

Being a sex addict can cost a lot. It may not only cost one his or her health and the inconvenience of spending huge amount of money but also the depressing situation of losing a good reputation. Changes can be done when a person who seeks it is willed enough to make the said change. It is best to start reviewing the principles you are living and yes seek professional help such as going to the sexaholics Anonymous Group for more guidance and support.



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