How to Reawaken Passion

reawaken passion

Relationships tend to lose passion as it goes on, and you may need to make a conscious effort to re-ignite the spark in your bond and reawaken the passion for each other. It may take elaborate plans and gestures, and sometimes it may be small, seemingly insignificant things that can help you ignite your passion anew.

Plan a romantic getaway

A trip to a spa or a romantic destination can help put the passion back in your relationship. This type of trip gives the couple an opportunity to step away from their everyday lives and spend some time focusing on romance.

Treat your partner with respect

Sometimes people get in the habit of taking their partner for granted while they continue to treat complete strangers and casual acquaintances with respect. Make an effort to impress your partner to help revive the passion.

Do something new and adventurous

Try an activity that you have never done before like skydiving or surfing. Participating in an adventurous sport can make you feel more alive, transcending into your relationship.

Hold hands

This simple act draws you and your partner closer together. Most couple hold hands all the time early in their relationship, but as time goes by they begin to do so less and less often. Grab your partner’s hand and hold on while you run errands can make your partner feel desired again.

Plan date nights

Spend some time getting dressed-up and plan a night out on the town. Putting this level of effort into a dinner date makes it feel much more special and romantic, plus it gives you a chance to let your partner know that you are still interested in spending time with them.

No matter how busy your week is, plan to have at least one night a week where the two of you connect in a special way, even if it’s just some quiet time at home after the kids go to bed or even a family game night with the kids.

Take care in you own appearance

If you feel good about yourself, you will be more appealing to your partner. Spend a few extra minutes getting ready to go out and really pamper yourself. This will give you a confidence boost in your relationship.

Compliment your partner

Noticing when your partner puts extra effort into their appearance lets them know that you still find them desirable and attractive.

Plan trips you would like to take

Spend an afternoon thinking of trips you would like to take together and make a list of all the places you want to go and all the things you want to do.

Spend some quiet time together everyday

Plan on having at least a few minute alone with your partner each day to help put the spark back into your relationship. Take time to reconnect with your partner.

Take a bath together

This is a very sensual activity that makes you both feel pampered and gives you the opportunity to reconnect on a physical level. Beyond that it can also give you a chance to relax and unwind after a hard day of work, sometimes it’s the stresses of everyday life that are putting a damper on passion.

A relationship that is losing its passion doesn’t mean that it is over. All it takes is to reawaken the passion, as long as the love exists.


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