Is Your Relationship All About Sex?

relationship all about sexIn a relationship, there are certain standards that you have to meet up to–count good sex as one. There are relationships or marriages whose very foundation is love, while for some it is more of sex. But whatever it may be, you have to be very aware of it.

That is because a good foundation starts with something that you and your partner agree upon. If it’s all about sex, then both you and your partner must agree about it. Such a good relationship requires no rocket-science formulas. It is just there for you to find out.

For men, there are women who desire sex before marriage, and there are women who do not. However, there will be issues regarding lust, and that’s where things start to clash. And when it does, your relationship may just go spiraling downwards.

Society itself may have implemented a set of standards for us to follow, but we have to live by the rules that we know will make our relationship grow better. Women have their standards and they are pretty much aware of it and stick to it.

Do not look at yourself physiologically. Testosterones and the like do not count here. You only have to look for your own happiness–and that is what counts here. Now, if you find that good sex will be good for you and that is where your marriage will blossom, be sure that your partner can go along with it.

But you have to remember that good sex comes from good communication. That may not be included in the things you may have agreed upon but understanding has to take its course. A good marriage or relationship has to have the good aspects in them in order to survive.


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