Keeping Desire Alive in a Long Term Relationship

couple in bedDesire is something that couples look up to to keep a relationship alive. Desire for each other seems to be at its high point early in every relationship. But then there is the risk that may come after that. For all love’s worth, desire may be something that has to be worked at in order to keep up and maintain, especially in a long term relationship.

Desire remains an important ingredient in a successful relationship. Without it, couples can find themselves in a very difficult situation in keeping the fires of love burn brightly. Keeping up the desire for each other is something that both partners have to work at in order to keep the relationship go strong in its second, fifteenth or even its fiftieth year. Here are some tips that might help couples keep that desire alive.

Change Your Patterns

One way of quickly killing desire is having a predictable relationship. It can be easy for couples, after being together for a certain number of years, to know how the other acts or thinks. And when couples become predictable, they lose that sense of adventure and that tinge of surprise. Eventually, the relationship becomes boring and the desire can easily die.

One way to prevent this from happening is by injecting into the relationship some element of surprise. Couples should try to break patterns once in awhile. Getting out of the routine can bring back some excitement and some sense of adventure back into the relationship. By simply doing that, the desire will still be kept up.

Work Together

Many couples already know and understand that maintaining a long term relationship take work. This holds true for maintaining desire in the relationship. There are some relationships that stay strong because of strong compatibility and there are ones that can easily become troubled because of poor compatibility couples. But it is not reason enough why a relationship can’t last.

What couples should do is to continue and try to work together to make the relationship last and maintain the desire for each other. The effort will help foster a better understanding between a couple’s differences and how to work over them.

Stay Focused

It can be easy for one partner to worry once a lack of desire in the relationship is felt. But such instances should not be a cause for panic for a couple. It is a situation that most relationship goes through from time to time.

The important thing is that both partners should stay focused in trying to keep each other happy and look after each one’s welfare in the relationship. That can help keep the desire for each other strong even after several years of being together.


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