Kick Stress with Sex

reduce stress with sexCan’t enjoy life anymore? Does your mind keep going back to your personal problems and the tensions of workplace? Here’s a guaranteed solution: Try to have sex.

It’s a pity that while we recognize that stressed-out and extremely uptight people could get some welfare from a satisfying roll in the bed (or the kitchen or living room), we don’t always include sex as a stress management technique. Given all the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits it gives us, it should be!

Sex is a big stress buster. Read on to know how sex effectively relieves you of stress. But you might ask: "I’m so stressed-out my sex drive suffers what should I do?" This article also offers some tips to spice up your sex life.

Deep breathing. Relaxed and deep breathing eases off your tensed body. It oxygenates your blood, which reduces the anxiety and tension you feel.

Physical exercise. Sex can also be a great physical workout. You can actually sweat out significant amount of calories just by having great sex, as if you’re in a gym trying to shed those unwanted fats. This, however, depends largely on your level of enthusiasm. You can burn more calories if you move a lot and do acrobatics than if you just lie there and do nothing.

Social support. Those who lack intimacy are more likely to be more stressed-out compared to those who have supportive social outlets. Sex is great because it gives you emotional intimacy, which makes you manage stress better, enjoy increased health, and live longer.

Sense of touch. Many studies have shown that touch can be a good stress management technique. Gentle massage during sex is found to be good for your emotional health.

Endorphins. Engagement in sexual activity can be a stress reliever because it releases hormones called endorphins, also known as feel-good hormones, happy hormones, love hormones, and cuddling chemicals.

Unfortunately, your sex drive may suffer when you’re under a lot of stress. In fact, recent studies have shown that stress damages the sex life of more than 50% of people working about 48 hours weekly. If the pressure you feel takes a toll on your libido, try the following:

Good food. Healthy and delicious foods reduce stress as they stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Aromatherapy. Pleasing scents can be therapeutic. It calms your mind and can foster romance in the bedroom.

Soothing music. Researchers have found out that music therapy can provide such health benefits as increased immune functioning and lower blood pressure. This is in addition to reducing your stress level as well as boosting your sex drive.

Soothing lighting. Flattering lighting provides a relaxed atmosphere that can relieve your stress and help create a romantic mood.

Good conversation. Have a nice conversation with your partner. As mentioned earlier, you need intimacy for a healthy life. The kind of supportive and intimate conversation experienced on the bed or a great date can build a strong bond between you and your partner and can reduce stress.



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