Making Love Without Emotions?

coupleMany romantic relationships keep their passion for each other burning with frequent-and safe-sex.  However, some couples have a wide range of intimacy issues.

In this case, the guy has no problems getting intimate with his girlfriend.  It is just that his partner appears to be uninterested whenever the two of them are in bed.  She would cross her arms across her chest while her boyfriend is doing his best to satisfy her sexual needs.

She insists that she loves the guy and the boyfriend has made major compromises, settling for a simple cuddle every time they are together.  However, we cannot just deprive ourselves of the human need for sex.  Neglecting one’s thrive for passion would eventually affect the person’s sex drive, not to mention his sexual attractiveness towards his partner.

Is there a way to solve this issue?  There could be.  For one, the female has deep-setting issues, which could determine why she could not interest herself during intimate moments with her partner.  She could have intimacy issues, she may be suffering from vaginismus–wherein her vaginal muscles would suddenly contract making penetration close to impossible-or she could be a victim of sexual abuse.

Whatever the reasons may be, the couple definitely needs a thorough counseling with a relationships expert.  They could begin with a heart to heart discussion between partners, in a place that does not intimidate the woman such as the bedroom.

In the long run, and with much patience, a dramatic change may occur; leading to incredible sex between loving partners.


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