New Sex Survey Indicates Oral Gratification Getting More Mainstream

A new national sex survey has recently been completed and released by a study conducted at Indiana University. The said survey was also recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and covered various aspects of the sex and other activities associated with it. One particular subject involved the surprising revelation that oral gratification among men and women have somehow gone mainstream.

The recent survey showed a surprising increase in the incidence of oral gratification for both men and women. It seems that more and more people have accepted it as a normal part of the sexual act. As proof of this, eight out of every nine women surveyed that fall within the ages of 25 to 29 years old have performed fellatio, with half of them doing it in the past month at the latest. For the men, the numbers are slightly lower.

According to the survey, it seems that some may already have experienced oral gratification during their adolescence. Around 1.6 percent of females surveyed ages 14 to 15 has performed oral sex on males while 8.3 percent of males on the same age bracket has done it. By the age of 18 to 19, around 59.4 percent of females have performed oral sex on males. 60.9 percent of males surveyed aged 18 to 19 have done it to their female partners.

The growing numbers seem to indicate that more and more people, both males and females have somewhat accepted oral sex a normal part of any non-coital sexual activity. It seems that it has generally become more mainstream and less of a taboo, even to a growing number of adolescents.



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