Overcoming Sexual Insecurity

shutterstock_151042142Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship. It need not be that great or perfect, just as long as it satisfies the needs of both partners. But sometimes, some people experience problems with sex in one way or another. One of them is the insecurities that one may feel about sex.

Sexual insecurity is a common problem among many people. Relationships can suffer because of it. This problem may be more psychological than anything else. It is something that people in relationships need to overcome. Here are some tips to help you overcome sexual insecurity.

Talk to your doctor.

Some sexual insecurities may have a medical reason. If your issues with sex are because you find it painful rather than pleasurable, then you may need to know the underlying reason. Talking to your doctor will help you find the proper treatment for the condition so that you no longer have to worry about it.

Learn to let it loose.

One way that can affect your experience in bed is the pressure and anxiety that you feel. Sometimes, you become too pre-occupied about making the perfect sexual experience for your partner that it is already affecting your performance. Once you fail, it adds up to your insecurities. The better approach to sex is just by trying to savor the experience. Do not try to worry yourself about your performance. Try to let the feelings and the emotions sink in. Let everything loose and relax. Focus on the experience, not the methods.

Know what you like.

In order to let go of your sexual insecurities, you need to know what you like about sex. You might need to explore your body more through self-pleasure in order to discover what it is that arouses you. Before you can let your partner enjoy sex, you should also know and understand what you enjoy about it. This means becoming familiar with what pleases you.

Practice makes perfect.

You can banish your sexual insecurities by trying to build your confidence in making love. The best way to do it is by practice. Your insecurities may come from the worry you may have of doing something right the first time. You may not know everything about sex the first time you do it. You get better at it with practice.


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