Rules of One-Night Stands

Don’t you find it awkward when you met this beautiful lady at a bar and you took her home for some “hump and dump,” but apparently she did not get the message? She started asking when the two of you would go out on a date or lingered all morning and acted like she was moving in with you.

And it’s not because you ended up with a clingy girl. Chances are, you were doing it all wrong.

Men’s Fitness has come up with a “guide to one-night stands” with the help of an expert in human sexuality. Just as much as there are do’s and don’ts in dating, there are also rules to abide by when it comes to one-night-only encounters.

Treat all women with respect – Even if you have no plans about seeing your casual sex partner again, treating her with respect is the least you could do. Remember that she is someone’s daughter or sister.

Practice safe sex, always – Bring a condom with you before heading out, because you will never know if you need one. However, if you forget bringing the rubber, stop by a convenience store and discretely purchase one before you head home. If you ended up taking each others’ clothes off without a condom nearby, just stick with every intimate activity except for intercourse.

Talk about your fantasies – One-night stands can be a great opportunity to experiment on sexual kinks, just as long as both of you agree about what is going to happen. Never do anything freaky that was not discussed ahead of time.

Make sure she is sober – Before going home with a lady you met after a round (or two) of drinking, assess whether she is sober enough to make a clear and rational decision. If she is way too drunk, do not even try to go on top of her. Instead, lay her down on your couch and place a glass of water and Ibuprofen nearby.

No means no – Never, ever persuade a lady to have sex with you if she refuses. Do not even bother asking her again, thinking she might change her mind. You end up looking desperate and annoying.

Tell her you are not seeking for anything serious – Be upfront and tell her before your midnight rendezvous that this is nothing serious. At least she gets the purpose of this brief encounter and prevents you from looking like a douche bag later.

Offer her a ride home – If you do not have a ride, at least give her enough money to pay the cab driver. It is the gentlemanly thing to do, not to mention it lessens the awkwardness that comes post-casual sex.

Gauge if she wants a morning-after sex – If you end up letting the lady stay for the night, gauge whether or not she wants to recreate what happened hours ago. Wrap your arm around your partner and either stroke her stomach gently or kiss her neck. If she does not reciprocate, let it go. If she takes the bait, brush your teeth first before giving her the morning kiss.

Be open to the idea of seeing her again – If the attraction and chemistry between the two of you has gone beyond casual sex, then you can ask her out on a date. However, do not make promises you cannot keep, especially with a girl you have no intention of seeing again.

Source: Men’s Fitness


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