Saying “I Love You” Without Words

Saying “I Love You” Without Words

There are some people who are not really that expressive in the way they share their feelings. For some, saying “I love you” to someone is always a difficult thing to do for a number of different reasons. For couples who are in a genuine and long-term relationship understand that the actions speak way louder than the words. Showing your love can actually be more meaningful than just saying the words.

Say it with flowers.

When you find it hard to say “I love you”, you can always send out a bouquet of flowers. For a wife or a girlfriend, that can mean a lot more than just saying those words. It will make them feel so special and will tell them a lot of what you really want to say.

Do your partner’s chores.

Doing the same chores around the house can be quite boring for many people. Sometimes it can be tiring after getting home from a busy day at work. One way to share your partner some love is by helping them out with their usual chores. Whether it may be cooking the food, washing the dishes, taking the trash out, or waking the dog out for a walk, your partner will certainly appreciate you doing it for them for a change. It shows that your care and concern for them that no reassuring words can ever do.

Schedule a date night.   

People who are already on a relationship for a long time can sometimes forget the importance of dating in a relationship. Take your partner out on a date on a special day. This simple gesture can help express the love that you can’t seem to express in words.


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