Sex After Conflict

make up sexCouples seem to be bothered a lot whether sex after an argument is healthy. Sometime known as make-up sex, such experiences usually seem not quite normal for others and yet may be a common occurrence among some other couples. But is it okay to engage in make up sex that follows an argument where both parties may still have some anger inside?

Anger and Desire

It seems that couples may tend to have make up sex after an argument because of the fine line between anger and desire. Anger during an argument can sometimes act as a stimulant that can fuel desire. Anger and arousal can sometimes work in similar ways.

When one is angry, it can leave a feeling of entitlement, not bothering of compliance to the partner. Anger can make a person feel that he or she has the control and needs to preserve that and be on top. That feeling can help fuel desire and stimulate a person that can sometimes lead to sex. Anger can be a problem if it happens ever so often, but it can also become a very good sexual stimulant.

Displaying one’s anger can also be a means to release pent up negative feelings and frustrations. If a person or couple have kept some frustrations and negative feelings inside and unexpressed, a sudden release may also fuel some sexual connection or desire.

When pent up emotions are released, it somehow seems to also bring up some sexual frustrations brought about by little or less thrilling sex. The fact that anger may bring about emotions centered on oneself makes sex that follows quite more thrilling than the usual.

Different Reasons

The outcome of make out sex also has both males and females stand on different points. Most males believe that sex may be the ultimate solution to problems in the relationship, including the arguments. That is why most males believe that after make out sex, things between couples are okay again. But the females don’t seem to agree to this.

Most females believe that there are problems that may still need to be resolved even after an emotional make out sex. For them, the sexual experience is merely something that may break the ice, so to speak, and establish better relations between the warring couples. But for females, the problem brought by an argument may still be there and mays still need to be discussed and resolved.


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