Sex Habits of Couples

loving coupleBe physically Fit

The more physically fit you are, the more confident you will be of your body. Physically fitness brings about two benefits. One, it boosts your self esteem and feel more confident about yourself. Second, being physically fit makes you less prone to tiredness and also depression. These in turn, boosts your libido.

Be Attractive

Being attractive does not necessarily mean having the most beautiful face, but looking the best you can. That includes personal hygiene and smelling great.

Find Chemistry

If you are feeling no spark, if you do not feel your heart skip a bit, then think twice before you decide if you want to take it there. But if you are just looking for some stress relief and if the act just involves two consenting bed fellows, then just go for it if your feel comfortable.

Create the Perfect Condition For Arousal

This involves other things outside of the bedroom. For instance, women, need to stop trying to change their partners and throw away their (mostly) unrealistic list of things they want to do or achieve. Men, on the other hand, should try to be sweeter to their wives, and this has nothing to do with sex. Be sweet to your wife in terms of meaningful gestures and thoughtful gifts, just so your wife/partner won’t feel like you only touch her when you want to have sex. These small gestures can make either partner feel good.

Make A Commitment To Your Sex Life.

If you have to set a "date" for you special moment and go somewhere special, to make the most out of your special alone time, then by all means go ahead. But when you’re there, do not dwell on self-conscious and guilty thoughts. Instead, focus on the sexy and the erotic.

Be Adventurous.

Try new ways of lovemaking and pleasing each other. Try difference positions and try doing the sexy deed in places other than the bedroom.

Have A Beautiful Personality

You and your partner may not look like Hollywood stars plenty ordinary mortals have a great time in bed. Remember that like attracts like.


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