Sex on the First Date

first date sexThe idea of "Right" alone is subjective. It is because what is right for a certain person or a group of persons depends on their culture, beliefs, and their upbringing. So much so that there are different religions we call Buddhism, Christians, Islam and others.

There are countries agreeing towards same sex relationship and the same sex marriage such as Spain, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, and so on. This very principle alone also applies on whether having sex during the first date is right or wrong.

It has been often than not raised the question on whether or not having sexing on a first date is right? The safest answer to the said question is, it depends. The society alone has different outlook with regard to the matter regardless of ones gender. Religious beliefs aside, matters are good for us if it will not do us any harm.

The Harm with Sex on a First Date

The Feeling of Being Used. There are men who think about sexual intercourse merely as a form of release. These men with this type of mentality tend to see women as a way to make the release possible. The awful part in this scenario is that most engage into sex without any plans of being accountable to whatever may happen to the woman.

An Easy Woman for a Reputation. Men want sex. Most of them flirt with women so they can have a taste of it but they are in fact hoping that the woman they are flirting with would resist. Nevertheless, once a woman gives in she is usually referred to as ‘easy’ and be one of the subjects in the men’s locker room talk.

Single Motherhood. Several single mothers these days become who they are because of the sex on a first date scenario. The harm with having sexual intercourse with a man you barely know is the fact that he can just hide from you in case you get pregnant. There are men who will not care about the woman they got pregnant and usually spill the spiel, ‘she is an easy woman. It must not be by baby.’

The Birth of Young Parents. Due to an unsafe sex many teenagers these days find themselves becoming as parents at a very early age. Being a teenage parent may not only affect the reputation of both parties but also their future. Most of these young parents tend not to finish school or reach the peak of their development in many aspects of their lives due to the inconvenience parenting a child at a very early age gives.

Safe and Unsafe Sex

Face the reality that sex can at times not be avoided especially when the libido strikes in. Yes we always have the option to say no to sex. But when temptation heightens some just can’t stop themselves.

According to Jean Jacques Rousseau, "Laws are there to free us." Beneath the vehemently no of the society with sex on a first date is the want to protect someone from the harm the sex may inflict. The question now with regard to this matter is, ‘what if there are ways to prevent the harm in having sex?’

Today, we have what we call the Safe and Unsafe Sex.

Safe Sex pertains to the act of having sexual intercourse while using anti-pregnancy protection such as condoms or pills. It is through using these products or other anti-pregnancy operation that a couple will be sure not to have any life be formed inside a mother’s womb.

Unsafe Sex on the other hand, refers to the act of engaging into sex without any use of contraceptives. It is considered unsafe because there are higher risks of having a life form be formed in the woman’s womb for someone who is not ready for a commitment.

To have or not have a sex on a first date is up to the people who are in that situation. What is important is that they very well know the consequences of their actions, they know how to prevent such consequences from happening and lastly, they have a back up plan in case the going gets tough. Be safe.



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