Sharing Sexual Fantasies With Your Partner

sex fantasySharing sexual fantasies can be difficult for some couples. Some people even find it easier to talk about sexual fantasies with their buddies or gal pals.

However, it is important that you and your partner are able to share your sexual fantasies with each other. Even though your sex life might be amazing, sharing sexual fantasies and eventually acting it out (granted that you are comfortable with them and these fantasies are, so to speak, "socially acceptable") can take your sex life to even greater heights.

Here’s how to get over your fear of sharing your sexual fantasies.

You are normal

Don’t think that your fantasies are way too weird or are not normal. Whatever they might be, it’s almost a certainty that somebody else has thought about the same fantasy too. I’m basically saying that you are not alone – probably. What you can do is read some materials on sexuality, especially those that touch on the subject of fantasies.

Learn to accept your fantasies. Accepting takes you one step closer to sharing them with your partner.

Set the mood

Prepare to share feelings–your sexual feelings, that is. Set the mood like you would any sexual encounter. Do what you and your partner usually do when leading up to the actual lovemaking. Wait for the right moment to share your fantasy.

Share your fantasy

The best moment to share your fantasy is probably during foreplay, when you are both already excited. With your sexual fantasy in mind, you will find that you are even more aroused than usual.

Not into it

Don’t be disappointed if your partner is not as turned on by your fantasy as you might have hoped. Instead, ask him/her how she would want your lovemaking to be. Prepare to make changes in some of the aspects of your fantasies to accommodate your partner’s needs.

You might find that your "modified" fantasy, combined with your partner’s suggestions, makes the experience richer and more gratifying than you could have thought.


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