Signs that Your Partner Has High Sex Drive

Women often look for an attractive male for a date.  However, just because he is stunning does not mean he would be able to please you behind closed doors.  Not only does a man with higher libido can satisfy your sexual needs, but also has a higher sperm count.  If you want a man who could to keep up with you, there are several physical signs to look for.

He has a trim waistline

Testosterone breaks down more quickly in belly fat.  Once a guy hits the age of 30, his metabolism slows down and brings his testosterone level down by 1 percent every year.  If he has a bigger tummy, he loses libido at a faster rate.  Now you have more reasons why you should salivate over a man’s hot abs.  However, a skinny guy does not have lots of testosterone either.  Check the next tell-tale sign to find out why.

He is cut and ripped

A male who regularly does strength training is likely to have higher libido because the body needs testosterone to build muscle mass.  It also boosts the guy’s testosterone levels, but only up to a point.  However, guys with low amounts of testosterone can never build big guns no matter how they try.

He smokes and drinks less

Some guys think smoking makes them look sexy, but in reality smoking-along with heavy drinking-lowers their sex drive.  Smoking constricts the blood vessels, which may cause a man to have problems with erecting his penis.  Meanwhile, drinking more than three servings of alcoholic drinks can also make a guy’s penis go limp because alcohol depresses the central nervous system, which also limits blood flow.

His testicle size is good

Women can even gauge a man’s sexual prowess once he takes off his boxers.  Take a hold of his testicles and check for its size.  Normal testicles should be about the size of a walnut and should be nearly equal.  If one of them is really smaller than the other, consider it a red flag.  Good testicles should also be a little warm, as any extra heat could reduce sperm count.

Check the quality of the semen

A normal ejaculation should measure about half a teaspoon.  If he produces less, it could either mean he has been ejaculating a lot, has an infection, or has a blockage of the ejaculatory ducts.  The appearance should be a bit fluid and creamy, with the sperm giving the semen a cloudy look.  Watery semen means the guy has a low sperm count.

Meanwhile, if you are a bit more curious, good semen should taste sweet.  It implies that he has not been ejaculating in a while.  Guys who frequently masturbate or have sex would have salty-tasting semen because of low sperm count.

It takes enough time to come

Anything less than two minutes of sex before coming to an orgasm is considered premature ejaculation, but if a man who takes forever to ejaculate should also be a concern.

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