Spice Up Your Relationship with Erotic Photography

sexy coupleErotic photography is a real turn-on for many couples. While some are contented by just gawking at it, others go the extra mile. They grab a camera and take erotic photos of each other in different states of dress and undress – and it pays big time.

Taking erotic photography can do wonders for you and you partner’s libido. Consider exploring this if you like the idea of your partner getting titillated by looking at you or if you get thrilled by the idea of you as a "sex object". Also, try erotic photography if you find that posing makes both of you feel much more confident as sexual beings.

Here are some tips to get you and your partner started:

Plan ahead

Spend time in planning. Decide who will be the shoot director and photographer or who will be the model. Know which parts of the body the person posing really loves and which parts he or she might not want to appear in the photos. Decide on the props and clothing you may want to use. You can look at erotic photography books or go online and search for websites with erotic photography to have some idea.

Establish your goal

Establishing your goal in the very beginning will ensure that the photo shoot will proceed accordingly. What kind of pictures you want to take? Nude, semi-nude, or clothed? Hardcore, explicit, softcore or erotic? Who’s going to pose? What is the theme – BDSM, voyeurism, tropical setting, corporate setting?

Set the mood

Setting the mood is one of the fun parts of the erotic shoot. Play some sexy music or burn some incense to establish an erotic scene. Experiment with lighting for added effects. Turn off your cell phone and other devices that might distract you and your partner during the shoot. Spend a few hours with your partner to explore your sexual fantasies with a camera.

Enjoy it

Loosen up and have fun. Many couples enjoy shooting erotic pictures more than looking at them after the shoot. So enjoy every minute of it. Get turned on and have hot sex afterwards. Erotic photography is only a libido booster if you both enjoy the experience fully.

Use a digital or Polaroid cameras

It is not advisable to use a camera with film when taking erotic photos of your partner. This will save you from extreme blushing when you collect the pictures after you have them processed in a photo-finishing store. A digital camera not only ensures privacy, it also have technical advantages. If you don’t have a digital camera, a Polaroid will do.


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