Suggest New Sexual Activity to Your Partner

sexual partnersSex is an exciting activity, especially if it is done with a very special partner.  However, if sex becomes the same routine over and over, it can become a little bit dreary. 

It may seem risky talking to your partner about experimenting on some new sexual activity, but experimenting with different ways to have sex not only keeps sex interesting but healthy as well. 

If you are thinking about trying something new with your partner – whether it is a new sexual position, technique, or even lifestyle such as threesome – these suggestions may guide you through the process.


Be sure you know about it, as well as how to do it in such a way that it is safe and pleasurable for both of you.  For instance, anal sex is not just about penetrating the penis, but there are techniques to avoid making it painful to the recipient.  Meanwhile, sex toys should be safe and sturdy enough for multiple uses.

Create ground rules

As with any other relationship, you need to determine what topics are allowed or not to talk about, as well as how to talk to each other.  It can be difficult to introduce new sexual techniques to your partner if your relationship does not allow bringing up sex in the conversation. 

In this case, however, trying new sexual things would become a matter of luck or accident.  If your partner is as much of an explorer as you are, experimenting on new sexual styles can be easier as long as you ask nicely and learn to accept no for an answer.

Timing is the key

You need to make sure that you are opening the conversation at an appropriate time.  You do not want to make it an awkward moment after bringing up the idea of watching porn together before your in-laws are coming over.  Pick up a time when you and your partner have some privacy and are not stressed out.  It is also best not to talk about new sexual things while in bed or having sex.

Make them understand

Your partners may be put off into thinking that you are suggesting new things about your sexual lives because there is something wrong with your relationship.  You need to assure to your partner that you want to try it with him or her and decide as a couple whether to venture on a new sexual experimentation together.

Do not push it

Pressuring your partner into doing something new does not work.  Even if your partner does new sexual techniques just to please you (or simply to keep you quiet), it is less likely he or she is enjoying it themselves.  Remember that sex should be enjoyable to both parties.

Another type of pressure is establishing high expectations for certain types of sex like role playing or tantric sex, hoping that these would transform your sexual relationship.  You cannot be an expert to those sexual styles in an instant.

Make your move

If you are suggesting for a new kind of sex, you do not expect your partner to do the first move.  Since you brought it out, you might as well make the initiation.  However, it can also be exciting if you suggest a new sexual activity that your partner would be interested in, so he or she would make the first move.


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