Talking Dirty

talking dirtyThere are some people who are into a relationship and find sex to be something "dirty." I do not mean the kinky kind, but the "ewww" variety. But seriously, sex and intimacy are integral parts of a successful relationship. This is where the couple "loosens up" and remove their inhibitions to show their love and devotion towards one another.

Part of getting intimate is having a sexy conversation or what we like to call "dirty talk," which is used in before, during, and even after sex. Doing so can be uncomfortable at first, which is understandable because revealing your sexual side can be scary the first time. Here are some suggestions that can get you comfortable in talking dirty

Talk authentically

If you talk dirty to your lover using lines that sound to have come straight out of a sleazy porn movie, your partner might even laugh at you.

A good kind of dirty talk should come completely from you, and you need to do it well. Determine what kind of personality comes out of you whenever you have sex.

Are you a dominant player or a ravished submissive? Do you like to pretend as an innocent girl who knows nothing or you would rather teach your partner what you want him to do? Draw inspiration from these aspects of your personality and take it from there.

Find your "dirty voice"

To complement your dirty talk, your voice should sound appropriately to the occasion. Dirty talk can sound low and rhythmic, high pitched, or whisper level as long as it reflects the way you talk normally or what personality you want to come out during sex.

Get a dirty talk vocabulary

Because dirty talk is all about releasing your inhibitions, it is all right to say really words during moments of intimacy. You can even swear towards your partner and he would not mind because it would sound like music to his ears.

Also, avoid using clinical terms when having sex like penis (unless if both of you are role-playing as doctor-nurse or nurse-patient). This is when porn movies come in handy, or research online on words used to describe certain things.

Practice alone

If you feel like touching yourself, this can also be a great opportunity to practice your dirty talk. Fantasize about having sex with your partner as you masturbate, then talk to that imaginary partner starting by saying words inside your head, then eventually saying them out of your mouth.

Set the rules

Some feel intimidated into talking dirty because they are afraid that it would sound ridiculous. You need to set rules when it comes to doing the deed such as no laughing and no judgment.

Talk with your partner

The good thing about talking dirty is that it is like a conversation with your partner, only on a different level. Ask your partner, "Do you like that?" His answer might even make you excited.

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