Telling Your Partner You Want Sex Abstinence

sex abstinenceAbstinence from sex can be due to a number of reasons. In every relationship, intimacy may be required but both partners should be able to learn at what level each one may be comfortable with, especially if it is between boyfriend and girlfriend. For some people abstaining from sex before marriage is really a big deal. And most of them find it difficult how to say "No" to their partners when it comes to sex.

A romantic relationship, usually being an intimate arrangement between two people, can put you in a high-pressure situation where sex might be involved although you think that you might not yet be ready for it. The pressure can be overpowering that it might be very difficult for you to say "No". Here are some tips that might help you put up the courage to say "No".

Whenever you come into the subject of sex with your partner, make sure that you make it known that you feel it is right to abstain from it for awhile until you get married. This would be very important if you get this point known early in your relationship.

Try to explain your reasons for waiting and be clear about it with your partner. This will help set up the limits that you wish to follow and make it known to your partner as early as possible. Respecting the limits that you set will be proof of how serious your partner is about your relationship.

Make sure that you also try to let your partner know how you feel and how much you care for him or her. Make your partner feel that you still love him or her and that sex should not be an obstacle that should be placed upon your relationship at this stage. You can allow enjoying other displays of intimacy short of sex but try to keep it always in check.

If you still want to share some kind of intimacy like kissing each other, try not to let it get out of hand. Going too far with it can sometimes be easy and you might find yourself at a very complicated situation. Try to talk with your partner beforehand how far you are willing to go and decide between yourselves when it is time to stop.

If your partner continues to pressure you to have sex despite saying and explaining all your reasons why you shouldn’t, maybe it is time that you should be putting your foot down. This might show that your partner may not be respecting your own wishes.

Respect is an important element in any relationship. Without it, relationships would not go far and will eventually fail. Being pressured to have sex despite your refusal is not a sign of respect on your part. Maybe it is better to give up the relationship before everything becomes serious and lead you to something that you would regret the rest of your life.


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