Ten Ways to Ruin Your Sex Life

ruin sex lifeDo you have problems regarding your sex life? That’s definitely something that cannot be easily solved. We always wish there are quick fixes to matters of sex and intimacy.

Sex itself is practical, so the solution should always be practical as well. But if we are to go for the opposite side-screwing up your sex life, that is-there sure are quick fixes. Below are are ten tips on how to do just that.

Comparing yourself

Focus on yourself and not on others. Your sexuality makes you, not other people. So go on, have sex with your partner and be contented if you want to save your sexual life.

Pay no attention to your body

Contentment is the key to a happy sexual life. Pretending will not help us at all for that matter. However, we always try to attain the unattainable to make our sex lives more pleasurable. But that ideal practically never prevails.

Listen only for sex experts

In your own sex life, you are your own expert. Since sex is so personal, you are the only one who knows what is good for you. What do sex experts know about you? Listening to them will just ruin the prospect of having a good sex life.

Not paying attention

There should always be awareness when it comes to sexuality. Be aware if it has changed or grew. Change stops when you stop paying attention to your body as well. Worse, it may even reach the point of becoming atrophied.

Getting serious

If you start to think of sex as something serious, that is when it loses its magic. Taking a look at it the other way, it has to be pleasurable and gives you a hell of a good time.

There is bliss in ignorance

Ignorance makes you susceptible to risks. STDs and bad sex are just among those risks. As long as you remain ignorant, you will remain stagnant or even lose having a good sex life.

Interchanging sex entertainment with sex education

There should be no confusion in this one. Sex entertainment boosts sex life, sex education and therapy is for those who want to have their sexuality to develop and have their sex problems solved. The greater dilemma enters when you think that you need serious therapy when all you need is some fun.


No matter what your beliefs are, it should not impede your sexuality. Creativity is the most important tool in progressing your sex life. But once you start becoming narrow-minded then everything will go spiraling downwards.

Treating sex as a special activity

There is nothing special about sex. It exists everywhere as is. Treating it like a golden crown worthy of a throne in your life, there is a possibility of getting disillusioned. Meanwhile, if you lock it in a basement, it will not grow. It has to be as it is. Sex is sex.

May the fear be with you

Inhibitions will get you nowhere. If you keep all your desires hidden, how will you think it would develop as you want it to be? Fear bottles up everything and makes our demands not known by our partners. This will eat up away every chance of wanting a good and happy sex life.


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