Things That Can Ruin Sex For Couples

shutterstock_151467707A healthy sex life is one of the key ingredients of a strong relationship. Couples need a high level of intimacy and passion that sex can provide in order keep any couple feel needed and loved. Couples who may have certain issues regarding sex may be facing certain problems that affect their relationships. While it takes some effort from both partners to enjoy a happy and satisfying sex life, it may even take less effort to ruin it. Here are some common things that can ruin sex in many couples.

Different Expectations From Sex

People with different views on sex will sometimes clash on how to get the most out of it. The different expectations can mean that there are certain needs of the other partner that cannot be met. It can also sometimes cause some tension and conflict because of the different needs and preferences. That is a surefire way of ruining the sexual experience between people.

Bad Hygiene

Sex is all about sensations and feelings. Bad hygiene does not help at all in building up the anticipation and the atmosphere for sex. It is easy to imagine the effect of bad breath can have on a kissing session. It is the same thing with body odor and other products of bad hygiene. It can ruin any good setup for making love all the time.

Too Demanding

Some partners can become too demanding that all they want is their satisfaction from sex. They do not bother to consider the feelings of their partner. Trying to use sex in order to satisfy one’s needs alone can easily ruin it for anyone. Great sex should be about both partners sharing the pleasure that the activity brings. It should not always be just one.

Dull, Routine Sex

When couples in a long-term relationship get quite accustomed to each other, their sense of adventure sometimes can diminish with time. Sometimes, the anticipation is no longer there. Sex is just carried out by the couple just to get over with it. What it eventually comes to is dull and routine sex. Couples memorize sex as a routine just to get it over with. They no longer find sex as an exciting adventure of trying new things occasionally. Eventually sex becomes a boring activity. The routine can then ruin sex.

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