Tips To Last Longer In Bed

shutterstock_147416204When it comes to sexual gratification, men seem to orgasm faster on average than women. The difference can sometimes lead to varying levels of enjoyment and satisfaction in bed. If men also suffer from premature ejaculation, then the problems further mount. Most men may need to learn how to delay their own orgasm in order to last longer. This will also lead to longer sexual gratification. Here are some tips that may help men last longer in bed.

Use the Start-Stop Technique

One way to prolong your stamina in bed is by practicing the Start-Stop Technique during sex. This technique employs a method of having sex while using a series of stops during the sexual act in order to delay climax. Just when you feel that you are getting too aroused or reaching the point of no return, take a pause for 5 to 10 seconds to let your arousal to subside. Do this several times. It may take a lot of self-control at first. But once you get used to it, you may be able to effectively take pauses during sex so that you can last longer before reaching climax.

Use the Squeeze Technique

Just like the Start-Stop Technique, this will help delay your orgasm. This technique requires pressing the area below the head of the penis in order to stop stimulation. Try to focus on putting pressure on the urethra, a tube that runs on the underside of the penis. Squeezing on this area will help hold back the ejaculatory response. This will give you time to do something more to arouse your female partner during sex.

Practice with Masturbation

You need to practice in order to become even better at delaying your orgasm in bed. If your girlfriend may not always be available for practice, you can always use masturbation as an alternative. Try to determine your different levels of arousal as you masturbate. Try to apply the different techniques above through masturbation. The more you do it, the better you’ll be at mastering the techniques of prolonging sex.

Do the Kegels

In order to last longer in bed, you can also employ some of your muscles to help you do the job. If you wish to strengthen your ejaculatory muscles, you can always to the Kegels. In order to know which muscles you need to work out when you are doing a Kegel, just practice starting and stopping urine flow when you urinate. This will give you an idea on what muscles are at work when you are on the verge of ejaculation. Once you get it down to pat, you can do the Kegels even if you are simply sitting or walking around. This will help you strengthen those ejaculatory muscles and help you delay your orgasm to have more time making love.


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