What is Junk Food Sex?

couple kissSex has become ubiquitous in people’s lives. Through time and experience, they tend to learn more of it and get to understand how it works much better.

However, reports say that despite the fact that people tend to engage in various techniques so that their sex lives may improve, their relationships seem to spiral downward. Below are the reasons at why this is happening.

Junk food sex

For the past 50 years, as many people eat junk food, so do their appetite for sex grows. This means that there is a statistical and historical correlation with junk food and sex.

That is because since people like junk food because its tastes good. Likewise, it provides people the same pleasure they get from junk foods. Yet the pleasure they get does not last for a long time. Moreover, regardless of the satisfaction they get, there is no nourishment happening in their bodies.

In other words, this refers to that analogy of going in drive-through restaurants and getting out there quick. In terms of relationships, people do not want to get emotionally involved or desire something even deeper when it comes to sex. All they want is the superficial part of it.

Sexuality is equated with spirituality

The basic factors to have a satisfying sex life is by incorporating spirituality with sexuality. Unfortunately, many people tend to forget about this. Thus, they must never deprive sex life with the following:

  • caring
  • commitment
  • intimacy
  • love
  • respect
  • treating the body and the other person as sacred

What are the feelings experienced after junk food sex?

After the preliminary orgasm, the individual experiences feelings of guilt, emptiness, heartbroken and aching. Most often, these sensations confuse people. They treat this as a sign that they have to engage in more fast food sex. Yet no matter what they do, there is no satisfaction from the sexual experiences that they get as long as they do not equate sexuality with spirituality.


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