Best Sexual Positions for Men

sexual positionsFor a newly-married couple, a honeymoon is the one activity where sex is truly pleasurable. For the uninitiated, sex helps build up their relationship, makes them get to know each other even much better and makes procreation much enjoyable.

There are several sexual positions which a man and his wife can truly enjoy, but there are only few that will land in their most-favored list. There are also some which they may have not tried. Take a look at the following and see if they will land in your favorite list–or at least try them out.

Rear entry

A deeper penetration is actually what a man wants when it comes to sex. Often referred to as doggy style, this position naturally gives a man just that.

This position is achieved with the woman bending on all fours as the man penetrates her from behind. In this position, a man can do many things. He can fondle her breasts; play with her nipples or her clitoris. She can even play with herself. For the man to have a better penetration, the woman may pull her buttocks apart.

Missionary with the legs raised

This is another position that offers a deeper penetration. Instead of the usual missionary style, the woman may raise her legs and put them on her man’s shoulders. The higher the legs are raised, the deeper the penetration. The bonus: the man gets to see the woman’s face while making love to her.

Revolutionizing the missionary position

The position goes like this: the woman will lie near the edge of the bed with one foot on the floor. Then the man will lie on top of her with one foot on the floor, the other kneeling on the bed. As this will give great thrust, this is ideal to men with large built.

Reverse cowgirl

The woman sits astride her man but facing backwards, so the only thing the man can view are her buttocks. She can put her hands on his knees for leverage and should move slowly so as not to bend the penis too much.


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