Sex Advice for Older Men

sex lifeAging is part of life, and you cannot stop it from interfering with your sex life. However, there are things you can do to maintain your sexual health as you age. By communicating openly with your partner, living a healthy life, confronting sexual problems calmly, and rethinking your concept of sex, you can have a healthy sex life.

Communicate openly with your partner

Many things will change as you and your partner age. These dramatic changes will require understanding, patience, and experimentation. One way to cope with the changes is open communication. Tell your partner what position you prefer or when do you want to have sex. Always maintain intimacy and good communication for you to have a long satisfying sex life.

Rethink your concept of sex

When asked about sex, many men think of orgasms. However, there are more to sex than orgasms. Kissing, hugging, cuddling, and other forms of physical contacts are important parts of a healthy sex life. Read erotic stories or give your partner a soothing massage. If you are living alone or your partner is not available, masturbation can be a normal and healthy alternative.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Both cigarette and alcohol can hinder your ability to have an erection. They alter your body’s blood flow, limiting the quantity of blood that enters your penis. This can result in the incapacity to achieve an erection, an erection softer than normal, or problems maintaining an erection. So abstaining from smoking and drinking alcohol will improve your sex life.

Expect sexual difficulties

Do not panic when changes in your sexual function occur. Instead, treat these as problems that you and your partner can work on. Reacting emotionally to these difficulties will only worsen your condition. So as you age, expect some degree of changes in your sexual function. This will enable you to take things easy and troubleshoot your problems.

Eat healthy foods diet and lose weight

To maintain your healthy and satisfying sex life, you must eat healthy food and try to lose weight. Being overweight puts you at a higher risk of getting heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes and other conditions that can get in the way with of your sex life. You can avoid sexual problems by having a balanced diet and losing unwanted pounds.


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