Tantra Sex: Basics for Beginners

Sex, for many people, is a moment of excitement between couples.  However, for those who seek a higher level of satisfaction through sex, you can explore the possibilities of tantric sexuality.

Definition of tantra

Tantra can be loosely translated as "tools for expansion."  This 1500-year-old philosophy originated in India and consists of teachings as well as practices that are specifically designed to help us increase our awareness of our own energy and those around us through the use of sexual energy.

People practicing tantra in their intimate moments with their partners strive to achieve a deeper breadth in sexuality, where orgasm is not necessarily the goal, but rather a part of the enrichment of the whole sexual experience. 

In other words, achieving tantra may mean having sex with your partner for longer hours, sometimes even lasting for the whole day before coming to orgasm.

Tantra and religion

Tantra is commonly mistaken as a new-age religion, but this philosophy refers to concepts like "universal energy" or "higher power."  In many cases, the teachings do not stubbornly stick to one set of beliefs or rules.  You can either apply tantra as a way to enhance and deepen your sexual connection with your partner or to bring yourself closer to a higher power through sexual expression.

What is tantric sex?

Unlike the Western concept of sex, which consists of a sexual excitement (the beginning), penetration (the middle), and orgasm (the end), tantra aims to blur the lines between the three periods.  In tantra, sex is all about feeling each other without focusing on orgasm.  It is executed at a much slower pace, increasing each other’s awareness, which then leads to greater understanding of you and your partner.

This does not mean, however, that there is no orgasm in tantric sex.  It is just that having orgasm does not mean it is the end of sex.


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