Adding Your Ex on Facebook

man with laptopYou woke up one morning and you checked your Facebook, or any other social networking account, before going to work.  You spotted a friend request and got a shock of your life:  your ex is trying to add you as a friend, and you have not spoken to him for several years now.

Is it a normal thing, you ask?  At this age of networking, connecting with people you know-not just with people you are friends with-has its benefits when it comes to a variety of things from landing that dream job to finding a great date.  In this case, your ex is probably curious to see how you are doing or could have regretted the breakup and is hoping that the two of your would reconnect.  Your ex could also be trying to add you as a friend as a way of apologizing or attempting to gain some closure.  However, it would be very uncomfortable if your ex is employing some sort of online stalker behavior. 

If an ex is trying to add you, look at your own profile and see if it has too much information that you do not want to share such as phone numbers, e-mail address, work history among others.  You can either delete it, which is pretty taxing, or add your ex but do not provide full access to your profile.

Then, observe how your ex behaves with you on Facebook.  If he or tries to chat with you, be friendly and talk to them.  Catch up on what you have been doing.  However, if the conversation ends up as quite uncomfortable, you can simply delete your ex from your friends list without him or her knowing it.

However, what if it the other way around?  Would you try adding your ex in Facebook?

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