Breaking Up with a Psycho

psychoHere is a scenario. She has been acting odd lately, becoming uncontrollable and unpredictable. She starts to wantonly demand things from you that you could not deliver. It starts to freak you. You want your way out. She then goes crazy insane. What do you do?

There is this guy. At first, he was a gentleman, a knight in shining armor. A few months later, he transforms into a Mr. Hyde. He is giving you the creeps. You want to end it. He starts stalking you. Where to next?

Just your luck you met a psycho boyfriend or girlfriend from hell. It may not be this extreme all the time, but milder cases are common. Now, the question is, how do you end the relationship? How do you deal with it?

Someone candidly suggested that being psycho is a ploy to get out without the heartaches and the drama. But what if the person is indeed bonkers?

Here is the story of one guy whose girl suddenly acted clingy. He was getting uncomfortable with it that he decided to break it off. They did part but not without a lot of fuss.

They were still having occasional contact after formally breaking up since the girl claimed that she was pregnant. She requested that he accompany him to a clinic to have a checkup. The guy would not budge. She then told her father and he gave the boy an earful over the phone, while her mother pleaded that they go back being a couple.

After three months of eager anticipation, the pregnancy ended up as a false alarm. Still, the girl does not want to let go. It was not until the guy had a new girlfriend did she stop badgering him.

There are instances where one is having extreme bouts of jealousy that might cause some unnecessary arguments. In some cases, the psycho confronts friends of the hubby either because she claims that they are taking away time from them or laments that the other person has no time for the grieving partner. There are also situations where physical and verbal abuse are present and that they end up having fights in public.

What does one do if these occur in their relationships and the only way to go is out of it? First is to deal it with a lot of patience and levelheadedness. It does not help fighting fire with fire nor running away from it. It just gives the psycho partner further ardor to go on and give chase.

Sometimes it is just a matter of letting things cool down or having circumstance take over. The psycho partner gets tired, moves on, and has a realization that you are not meant to be together. But if the psycho is still persistent or is already threatening to harm you, then it might be time to call for outside help, and in extreme cases, ask for police protection or legal assistance.

Sometimes, these inevitably happen no matter how much we prevent it to occur. Just remind yourself to keep calm or you might end insane like them.


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