Common Reasons Couples Break Up

Common Reasons Couples Break Up

Relationships do not always last forever. There are couples who seem perfect for each other but end breaking up. There are many reasons leading to a break up among couples. It pays to know the common ones so that those who are still in a relationship can work together to avoid the same mistakes over time. Cosmopolitan Magazine made a poll involving 1,400 women and here are the results why couples break up.

Fell Out of Love
The main reason the poll results showed about break ups is that couples simply fall out of love. Time may have made them grow accustomed to each other’s personalities, traits, faults or habits that there is no excitement anymore. Time tends to make couples become bored and that loving feeling gradually dies down. Around 39.7 percent of respondents say that this is the main reason why their relationship failed.

Acts of Cheating
The second most common reason why couples break up is not surprising. Cheating results in a breach of trust that couples may have on each other. Being unfaithful can make a partner doubt if ever you are worthy to be trusted ever again. Trust is an important factor in a successful marriage. If you break that trust, there is no guarantee if you ever get it back. About 36.6 percent of women say that this is the reason why they broke up.

Fighting Frequently
Some couples may start out great and happy. But over time, they discover certain things they do not like about each other. This results in frequent conflicts that lead to fighting. Couples who do not have the means to resolve these issues cause conflicts to linger and stay over time. It gradually becomes a reason for resenting each other. Once one partner can no longer take the frequency of the fighting, they give up. About 29.1 percent of the respondents cited this as the reason for their breakup.


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