Common Reasons For Breaking Up

shutterstock_17769169Breaking up a relationship is a bitter experience for any couple. Falling out of love gives that sense that two people in a relationship have failed to nurture something they expected to be special. There can be a lot of reasons why couples eventually break up. Here are some of them.


There are times when couples realize over time that they are not just compatible with each other. At the beginning of the relationship, they may think that their differences will not be an issue. But as time goes by, they begin to affect the relationship little by little especially when the couple does not talk about them. When one loves to spend money while the other likes to save it for the future, there will come a time when frustrations with each other may become too much to bear. If it gets to this point, then couples may eventually decide to break up.

Loss Of Trust

Cheating and infidelity are also common reasons why couples break up. It all boils down to the loss of trust with each other. Trust is a very fragile thing. When couples take very good care of it, it helps keep the relationship strong. But once it is damaged, it is usually very difficult to repair. Cheating on a partner can cause undue damage not because of a mistake of sleeping with someone. It is more because the feeling of betrayal for giving his or her full trust on the cheating partner. Once trust is breached, it takes a very long time to repair. But there are cracks that remain. When the trust is totally lost, then it is the time when couples break up.

Loss Of Admiration For Each Other

There can be a time when couples can lose their admiration on each other. Many long-term relationships can get to a point where boredom may settle in. Getting quite accustomed to each other may give the couple lose that fire. They think that there is no longer something new to discover or get excited about each other. Couples who really like to keep a lasting relationship find a way to fight through this. Those who do not put up a fight eventually break up.

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