Ending the Relationship

Both of you thought it will never end, but it has to. It was never simple. It never will be. Whether in marriage or in a committed relationship, there are times when things do not go as planned, thus, you have to sever the ties. Most of the time it will never be pretty. Good for you if things ended amicably. And all the while you thought it only happens in episodes of Jerry Springer.

The questions come a-knocking in impending breakups. Why the need to end that was supposed to be something good? When to end it? How?

First to consider is the nature why it is necessary to end a relationship. Is it because of infidelity? Domestic issues? The spark is not there anymore? Incompatibility? Distance apart straining the relationship? Irreconcilable differences? From there, you could more or less assess if it would conclude in lots of shouting or silent sobs or both.

Timing is also somewhat essential. Three strikes you are out. No more sorries, no more next times. In some cases though, you could talk your way out of a breakup or all you need is a sincere talk to make things formal. Sometimes the distance makes you need to breakup via remote.

How to end it is also determined what was the root cause. Some go into their shells never to be heard from again. Some discuss as if it is some treaty. Some just walk away and move on. Some go through the Lacuna Inc. process, ‘deleting’ memories from their lives.

One suggested an unusual escape plan-go psycho. It gives the other person the satisfaction that the other was not the right person all along without the pain and heartache.

Whatever works for the both of you or whatever the situation calls for just as long as no one ends up murdering someone. Just being candid here.

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