Forgiving Your Ex

Falling out of love can be painful. It can result into anger and frustration that may further lead to bearing grudges or harboring ill will against an ex. This might prevent you from ever getting into other relationships in the future. The only solution to this is learning how to forgive.

Forgiving an ex is not always easy. The painful experiences can be quite difficult to forget. But the way towards healing a broken heart is only possible through forgiving the person that may have caused it. It is always worth a try just so you can learn to move on. Here are some tips that might help you out.

Holding a grudge is like holding to the pain.

Bear in mind that the longer you try to hold on to the pain and anger caused by your break up, the longer you are also making it affect you. Every time you are reminded of what happened with your ex, the pain usually comes back to hurt you even more. The only way to get rid of the pain is to get rid of what’s causing it. Learning to let of of your grudges would make it easier for you since you have a lesser burden to carry this time.

Learn to focus on the other side.

It will be easier for you to forgive if you try to focus on the good things brought by the break up in the relationship. Learn how to look at the positive side of it. The break up may have taught you a lot of valuable lessons that you can apply on your future relationships. Be thankful that you have been able to learn those lessons that will make you an even stronger person. Learn to focus on the positive side of it all. This will help you eventually to learn how to forgive your ex.

Avoid blaming.

There is no use in blaming yourself or your ex for something that is already in the past. The only way to find forgiveness is by trying to set aside the blaming game and fault finding and accept what has happened as something from the past. Understand that the breakdown in the relationship may have been caused by mistakes that you and your partner have both made. There is no use in blaming your ex since it won’t help you learn how to forgive.



  1. There is some really good tips here for fixing relationships.

  2. Holding unforgiveness means holding onto an ex, carrying him or her everywhere we go. It is important to start letting go by getting into the present moment. Trying to keep our mind busy with other things and go out with some friends.

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