Getting Over Someone Takes Time and Sex

Getting Over Someone Takes Time and Sex

How to get over a break up??

The biggest rule in helping a friend through a break-up: No drunk dialing! Take her phone away from her, delete her ex’s numbers and make sure she doesn’t go home with the first person who shows interest in her.

K., Lakewood, Texas

The best way to heal from a broken heart is to spend time with yourself. Figure out all of the things that you like, not the things that you, as a couple, liked. There are lots of differences, and I rediscovered a lot of things that I had forgotten about as I merged my taste with someone else’s.

Sarah, Seattle, Wash.

How to get over a breakup? Just above there is some advice on how to help a friend through her breakup and advice on how to best get over your own breakup. I chose these two because both of them have sound advice.

I have personally had to fight the issue of drunk dialing or even sober dialing one of my ex’s. This is a huge no no. It is so important to remember that the two of you have broken up for a reason and with little call reminders, it opens the flood gates of emotions and while they can be receptive in the beginning, they always turn ugly.

The other bit of advice is not to let your friend go home with the first person who show’s interest in her. Listen ladies, it is never good to start dating immediately. Take the time to process your breakup and morn it. This advice goes even if you are the one who did the breaking up. Take time to value yourself and process the last relationship. Look at what got you in and out of the relationship!

Girlfriends are one of the most important relationships that you hold. Girlfriends are there to share in your joys and in your sorrows. Ladies, remember this role in your friendships! Be there, and do show up with a pizza and maybe add a bottle of wine with it. Let your friend use your shoulder and take pride in it. I believe that we need to uplift our friends and remind them how special they are. This is one way that self esteem can be brought back to one just dumped! The first Commandment of Friendship- Is be there for your friends in the good and bad!

Dating Coach,

Dawn Donohoo



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