Healing a Broken Heart

It is one of the hardest things when it comes to getting past a recent breakup:  Healing a broken heart.  You are getting yourself ready to face the world as a single lady, but you sometimes find yourself longing for your past relationship.  Here are some suggestions to help you mend the hurt.

Seek support from friends

It is okay to spill out your emotions about your recent breakup.  Grieve your feelings of hurt from your friends and family, as expressing your feelings hastens the healing process.

Do not consider your past relationships as failures

Do not put yourself down and think that it is your fault why you could not keep a relationship.  Look at your breakups as opportunities to learn and improve your relationship skills.

Do not worry about being single

You need to value who you are, not who you are with.

Do not be a hermit

You do not have to hide in your room and cry just because you are no longer in a relationship.  Treat yourself to an evening out with friends.

Reward yourself

This newly-single stage is also an opportunity to love your self.  You may have given your all in your previous relationship so much that you have forgotten to treat yourself special.  Now is a great time to do so.  Buy yourself a special gift, go to the spa alone, have a sumptuous dinner alone in a restaurant, anything to make you feel good about yourself.

Be willing to take another chance

Love will come eventually, but do not be desperate finding for one.  Do not jump into a new relationship if you are still working on the issues of your past love.

Never seek revenge

Anger would only slow the healing process.  Forgive yourself and your partner.  Accept that you cannot change the past, but at least you can learn from your mistakes.


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