How to Get Over Being Dumped

sad womanThe biggest fear people have about dating is the fear of being rejected. This is especially prevalent in men, but even women fear that men might reject them after knowing their character during a date. While we all hope and pray that rejection never happens, it can be a reality that we may simply have to face.

Rejection can happen before, during or after a date. A lot of men, for instance, are afraid to ask their special friend out for something intimate because they feel inadequate, helpless or insecure out of low self-esteem. As one person confessed, "I really don’t know how to approach that friend of mine because I keep on thinking she’ll tell me that she just wants to remain friends."

Rejection is an undeniable fact in the mechanics of dating. However, keep in mind that it’s better to have tried than never to have tried at all. The good thing is, most people don’t reject right away. A normal guy or girl is a tender, loving creature, and can still accommodate another soul before making his or her true feelings are known.

Here are a few tips to boost your morale:

Not every courtship succeeds

Rejection will and can always be part of a courtship. Again, there’s no harm trying. It applies in all aspects of the dating game. Besides, there’s no such thing as a perfectly successful date because there are more things to learn after the first time.

Don’t expect smooth sailing right away

A date is a getting-to-know-you-as-a-lover process, so don’t expect your special someone to say yes to everything you desire right away.

Expect the worst, so that when he or she has the feeling of accepting you, then you can really jump and shout for joy. Expecting too much can make your heart act unnaturally, so it’s better if you keep your hopes low – and keep yourself away from a potential heart attack.

Make use of a third party

In the romantic world everybody needs a Cupid, not just to initiate love but to make that love grow. Why not use some bridges?

Your best friend can magnify your personality, letting your prospective partner know more you until your aura overwhelms that person. Oftentimes, it’s a very close friend who does this for both of you, or a mutual friend both of you know.

Why not say something daring?

Why not tell him or her that he or she is missing out on something great or losing half of life’s meaning if you get rejected?

It’s nice to dare but make sure you do it in a humorous yet sincere manner. If you can’t convince him or her to be The One then you didn’t lose at all; he or she did. Nasty, but true.

There’s always a second chance

It’s better to try and try than not to have tried at all. That’s a time tested truism. You’ll be surprised at the number of people who yielded to love after the other half made the second and third attempt to reach out.


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