Leaving a Past Relationship Behind

leaving past relationshipGetting over a failed relationship is painful, no matter how much we tend to deny that. And even on times you have decided you wanted to move on, chances are you would end up crying again by the corner. But how should you deal with a past relationship, leave it behind, and embrace what lies ahead?

Be defiant about moving on – If you are really going to move on, be determined about it. Keep on telling yourself that this process is for you to be able to love yourself more. Holding on to the past too tight would only cause pain, and it’s time to relieve of that aching heart and look ahead.

Collect mementos and sort them – Gather everything you have of the other person and sort it according to which belongs to your ex and which belongs to you (like a birthday present you gave). Put it in separate boxes and label them accordingly.

Write a final note to your former flame – Devise a draft letter wherein you pour out all of your feelings towards your past love. Say everything that you didn’t say when you were together. Do not put anything that you will eventually regret, that you feel the need to apologize for, or anything out of anger. Read the letter, proofread it a bit, and transfer it to a nice stationery.

Send the box and letter to your ex – Put the letter in the box of your ex’s property and send it through mail. If the former flame is unreachable, put the letter in the box with your property and store it where you would only come across when you purposely look for it. The other box should be put somewhere you would not stumble upon.

Be more social, but not too desperate – It is all right to date again, but it is best not to jump right into another relationship. Return to your pre-relationship routine and hobbies to allow yourself getting distracted. Do the things that you normally do and enjoy, bearing the confidence that you were loved before, and therefore will love and be loved again.

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