Lies People Tend To Believe After A Break-Up

shutterstock_81745864A break-up can be very emotionally draining experience. Going through one can be quite harrowing. It can also make people more vulnerable, including the lies they tell themselves. Here are some of the more common lies that people tend to believe after going through a break-up.

I’ll become alone forever.

After a break up, people feel that their entire world collapses. They get into extremes thinking about the consequences. After the breakdown of the relationship, they feel low and traumatized. They do not feel that they can go through another relationship, and that they will live alone forever from that point on. But this is not always true. People can still come back after a break up. It may just feel emotionally damaging at first. However, these feelings will pass.

It can be fixed.

Some people still cling to that hope that every broke relationship can be fixed. Some try to pine for a lost cause by believing this lie. People must realize that there are some things that are just not meant to be. Clinging to a false hope of reviving a relationship and live happily forevermore is similar to just prolonging the agony. Some people are better off letting go and start somewhere fresh and new. There are relationships that are fixable and others that are not. Once people realize this, they no longer have to believe in the lie and hope for something that is no longer possible.

People need to struggle for successful relationships.

After going through a harrowing experience such as a break up, many people begin to feel that they did not work hard enough to keep the relationship going. Most people believe that successful and happy relationships require hard work. They do this to keep the relationship alive and going. But to say that you need to struggle to keep it working is not true. People in happy relationships do not see it as work. If you enjoy the relationship you are in, you do not see it as a struggle to always keep it alive. If you have developed this mindset about relationships, then you will always be struggling and not enjoying your experience.


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