Older Couples Break Up Less

older coupleWhen we get older, we tend not to break up with our partner that easily compared to when we are young. That is because we tend to turn our heads more on companionship and not have enough time to decide who we want to spend our lives with.

In an internet survey, it was known that, in the past ten years, there are 35 percent of people who have undergone a major break-up. Further, people who are below the age of 35 are more prone to break-ups compared to those who are in the age bracket 35 to 53. Plus, they are five times more likely to have a break up than people aged more than 55.

The major causes of break-ups, it was known, were problems concerning:

  • commitments 23 % and 27% among men and women, respectively.
  • scarceness of passion 23% and 17 % among men and women, respectively.

This study goes to show that women are more likely to cause major break-ups through lack of commitment, especially if combined with lack of passion.

Why older couples break up less is determined by one major factor: pressure brought by age. Once you arrive at the age of 30, you are urged to marry someone and tie the knot as quickly as possible. There is also the determinant in which families and friends insist you to get married. By the time you get 30, you tend to forgive misgivings since you are pressured age. However, the likelihood of a good marriage does not start by marrying the wrong person.

It is the same with when you reach the age of 55. The idea of companionship starts to rise in you. Dumping your partner is not as easy as it may seem because you may not see anyone whom you can live with for the rest of your life. In other words, at this age you tend to be more forgiving in a relationship.

Holistically, this is show that there is a symmetry in the fact that you are less inclined to end with a break up when you get older. But this does not show that you should look less for quality when it comes to dating partners. This may show that you have to be ready for everything, especially when it comes to relationships and human frailty.


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