Signs That It May Be Time To Break Up

Signs That It May Be Time To Break Up

Breaking up is a difficult decision to make. But there may come a time when you may need to dwell on this decision in your relationship. You do not decide solely out of a certain feeling you have. You need to understand and look for the signs when it may already be necessary. Here are some of the signs that you need to look for when a break up in your relationship may be imminent.

You do not feel happy.

If you no longer feel happy in the context of your current relationship, then it may be a sign that you may be wanting out. If you feel that your relationship is not something that puts a smile on your face every day, then it may be time for a serious evaluation of your current status with your partner. But make sure that your unhappiness is based on the relationship and nothing else. It might just be that your sadness has nothing to do with your partner or your relationship whatsoever but because of other reasons.

There is a communication breakdown with your partner.

Another telltale sign of a relationship going nowhere is lack of communication. If you and your partner are no longer talking to each other, then you may be having relationship problems. If you have not worked on this issue for a long time now, then your relationship may eventually be leading towards a breakup. Good communication is important to a healthy relationship. If you are living together but not actually talk or see each other, then it no longer makes sense.

You have many negative things to say about your partner.

The sort of relationship between two people is shown through how well they perceive each other. If partners have nothing but good things to say about each other, then they are having a good and happy relationship. But if partners have nothing but criticism and complaints about each other, then the relationship may not be going well. If negativity reigns over the relationship between two people, it will only harbor resentment and ill-will towards each other. Such a relationship may be heading towards break up.

There is no more laughter.

Humor is an important ingredient in a healthy relationship. It helps couples learn how to cope up with challenges and difficulties in the relationship. But if even that is no longer present in a relationship, then trouble may already be brewing. With a relationship losing one of its effective coping mechanisms, it may be inching closer toward an impending break up.


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