Some Truths You Need To Know About Online Dating

shutterstock_150292787Online dating has become even more popular today, now that WiFi and smartphones have come into popular use. Online dating was supposed to be just a fad. But now, more and more people are considering opening up online dating profiles while in their search for someone to get in a relationship with. Despite the increasing popularity of online dating, there are still some truths that men need to know about. It can be quite a challenge for some. But here are some of the truths that people should know about online dating.

Dating Profiles

When you wish to try online dating, you might be required to set up an account to the many dating websites in order to expand one’s search for a soul mate. But most importantly, the people need to register and fill up information that will help others know about them. But while online profiles may be a way to let other people know more about their prospects, it is also an often abused piece/s of information. Research shows that users will lie about their age, height, or age in order to attract more prospects.

Online Dating Popularity

You wanted to know how fast online dating has grown in popularity. In 2007, about 20 million people on average visited an online dating site. Then you can flash-forward to 2012 where 40 million online dating visitors became more aware of how they can use online dating sites to meet other people for romance. Its popularity surged in just a short period that saw visitors doubling in number.

On Meeting Soul Mates

Despite the surge in traffic in most online dating sites, some things really never change. Even though people now have technology to help them, online dating sites may not always be the most popular venue for meeting someone who ends up becoming one’s soul mate. According to recent statistics, old methods still work. About 38 percent of people still find their soul mates at work or at school. Some 27 percent may find their soul mates through a family member or friend. Online dating sites only account for 17 percent of people who did report of meeting and finding a spouse.



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