Surviving a Break Up

couple breakupThere are many reasons why a romantic relationship has to end. If you feel that the spark in your relationship has died down, maybe it is time for you to breakup.

Yes, feelings will get hurt, but it’s better to be honest about your emotions rather than keeping an unhealthy relationship for practical reasons. Remember that it is best to end the relationship on a face-to-face level, and here is a sample guide to help you out.

Talk to your partner alone – Breaking up should be dealt between the two of you on a personal level. Try not to breakup in a public place or through methods that would not require a face-to-face meeting such as the phone or text messaging. It would show that you severely lack concern on your relationship in the first place.

Discuss in a relaxed manner – Tell your partner that you feel that the relationship needs to end and state your reason why. Try not to beat around the bush. After stating your piece, give your boyfriend or girlfriend some time to sink the information in.

Listen to your partner’s plea, but be firm on your decision – It’s normal that your partner would try to convince you to give him or her another chance, so listen what your soon-to-be-ex has to say. However, don’t sway your decision because of it.

Discuss the future for both of you – How would you like the relationship to end? Are the two of you better off as friends, acquaintances, or complete strangers? Tell him or her about it, and listen what your partner has to say. If you prefer to be just friends but your ex would rather not see you again, respect the decision.

Let go – Here’s the tricky part: How to end the conversation. It is best to let your partner put an end to your discussion, as he or she would more often than not walk away from you after hearing the sad news. However, if your ex continues to babble and reminisce about the good times you had together, you can try hitching a cab for your ex.

Keeping it honest is the key to breaking up, as it would salvage any possible future friendships. Dragging out a pointless relationship does not help help both of you.


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