Surviving a Breakup

surviving breakupGetting into a relationship can be quite addicting, and having to breakup feels like you are undergoing severe withdrawal syndrome. As much as we would like to tell people to "get over it" but in reality, surviving a breakup is not as easy as it seems. There are different ways to get over a failed relationship, and here are some steps to do it.

Pour your emotions out – Right after the breakup, you need to get it all the emotions and stresses out of your system. Cry all the tears that you can shed, write a journal about your feelings and experiences during the breakup as well as how you feel about your ex now that you no longer together. If you keep these emotions inside, worse things are bound to happen.

Remain open to friends and family – Do not be bitter about the breakup. It is not a good thing to shut everyone out of your life. Although you may need some time alone, doing it for too long would not help at all. Respond to people who are trying to reach you, like your friends and family.

Think positively – Don’t wallow too much on the negative side of the breakup such as blaming yourself and your ex, or thinking that no one else would love you. You need to realize that you are loved by your friends and family, and maybe you will find someone who is really meant for you in the near future. A positive state of mind would manifest into a positive outlook on life.

Try shielding yourself against all negativity – Try not to listen to sad music or watch sad movies, for instance. It would only make your state of depression worse. Also, try not to bring up everything about your ex, such as an anniversary gift.

Keep your faith in people – Assuming that all men are pigs or all women are gold diggers would get you nowhere. You might miss out on someone great.

Try a new passion – Do something new that would take the focus away from the breakup. Learn a new hobby or a new language, try doing something that you and your ex did not share an interest in.

Keep an active social life – Call your friends and have a night out with them. If you don’t have that many friends, then go out and look for like-minded people whom you can share your interests with. The support you get from friends provide comfort for you as you get over the breakup.

Pamper yourself – Do something that would lift your spirits. Have a haircut, get a manicure or a relaxing massage, or maybe a nightout at a casino.

Never contact your ex – Try not to get in touch with your ex especially if you broke up so recently (and try not to stalk your ex over the Internet). Give yourself time to boost your ego and self-confidence first. Let fate meet the two of you, and hopefully you are better than the last time you’ve been together.

Do not talk about your ex – Avoid gossiping or talking about your ex. It’s a sign that you are not letting him or her go that easily, and it could come back to you in a bad way.

Get a cool change – Remove all of your ex’s photos as well as anything that would remind you of him and keep them where you won’t see them. Try rearranging your furniture as well, as it can be relaxing.

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