Surviving the First Fight

first fightYour first fight during the relationship can be straining and scary at the same time. Just when you think that everything about your lover can be so perfect, there would come a time when frictions would start to flare. However, avoiding an argument is not a good option either. If you are going through a conflicting phase of your romantic relationship, take a look at our advice.

Arguments get you realize the real side of your partner

Everyone, including you, tries to put their best foot forward when they meet someone they like for the first time. And as you become more and more comfortable with your partner, you both settle down, put your guard down, and the true colors begin to show.

This is where the first fights usually begin. However, it is best not to point out the other person’s faults and instead try to compromise each other’s attitudes and opinions if you aim in making your relationship fruitful.

First fights does not mark the end of a relationship

Arguing to your partner is never fun, but it is essential for your relationship to evolve. Disagreements can be inevitable between two people, and that both parties should learn to listen to and respect one another’s concerns and perspectives.

Always fight fair

How you argue with your romantic partner is just as important than the reason why you fight. Violence of any kind, as well as name-calling and endless blaming, does not help the relationship at all and should never be used at all. Try talking about your disagreements in a diplomatic and civil manner.

Learn to compromise

Both parties should be ready to make a compromise. It may not always be equal, but settling into a compromise is the ultimate goal of any conflict especially if this is a case of disagreements.

However, if one of you has a clear wrongdoing such as cheating, the person who has done the wrong should be prepared for the consequences.


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