Taking a Break from Dating

pretty girlIf we are going to use pop television as a source for analogy, the Ally McBeal in us sometimes compels us to force out our inner Johnny Bravo. That did not make any sense, but neither does half of the people we meet and consider as date potential. Suffering from a dating slump just might mean you need to take some time off.

There are a number of reasons why we have to take a break. It may be due to burnout and the fact that we are just pushing ourselves too much and too far. Or in some cases, it is just the fact that we have to give ourselves some breathing space after undergoing an emotional turmoil, most especially after a breakup.

Spending time alone is not that bad at all. One upside is that you have all your energy and money for yourself. Nothing is cooler than splurging on you.

Some relish singlehood just because. There has to be no underlying reason why one has to go on a dating spree or otherwise. Some are just content being with themselves. One good thing about it is that they are not obligated to look out or be concerned for somebody else. In other words, they just do not want to be in relationships for the moment.

This freedom for the self means that one could do things and activities that she likes without minding others. This could also be a means of distraction while one goes through untangling webs of the past to rediscover the self. Go places, pursue a hobby, learn a new skill. There are ways of keeping yourself busy because you need to, you have to, or you want to.

Some do not treat doing other stuff as a form of escape. They just have other priorities set in mind. This goes for the career-oriented people or the grade-conscious student. Romance is not on the top of their to-do lists right now.

Finally, enjoy the company of your closest friends, whether they are male or female. They keep you afloat and are the only constants in this world of variables.


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